Amy & Raphael – Sydney Wedding Photography

Australia is a big beautiful country and there are some amazing places to get married in and Yarra Valley in Victoria has to be one of the most beautiful destinations to get married. Amy and Raphael engaged Sydney Wedding Photography Studio Two Peaches Photography to photograph their amazing wedding at the famous Stones of Yarra Valley. Needless to say we were delighted to be engaged on such an amazing assignment.

The gorgeous vineyards, the beautiful rustic charms, the beautiful country sides all makes for a beautiful, charming and intimate wedding. Needless to say this amazing memory ranks very high as one of our all time favourite destination and wedding.

Did you know Two Peaches Photography don’t just do Sydney Wedding Photography? We also travel and we love destination weddings. Have an amazing location you want to travel to, to get married ? Why dont you contact us here at to see how we can capture your amazing day.